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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

'Killing Me Slowly' Tag Show off

Zindy S. D. Nielsen has done it again!
She created a tube that so many of us can relate to and has it posted in her store.
And Crazed Creationz made the lovely kit to match the tube.

Tube and kit is called: 'Killing Me Slowly Anti-Bullying'

The following was taken from Zindy Tubes facebook page:

I am very happy to release this tube and kit. I've been wanting to do something with anti-bullying as it's very close to my heart and now is the time. It's something that I think lacked completely attention when I was a kid but luckily there is much more focus on it today, which is really a good thing.
The effect of bullying is horrible and no matter what you always carry the scars from it and the low self esteem. I believe it destroys something inside of you that you never really get back.

If you decide to purchase either the collection, the tube or kit we will be very grateful.
All profit goes to The Bully Project:
We am hoping it will do some good for kids in need.

Beautiful kit is of course designed by the talented Crazed Creationz.

If you decide to share this post on your page it will also mean a lot 




Here is a preview of the kit and the tube: