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Saturday, March 28, 2015

PTU Tut - Spring Temptations

Spring Temptations

Tutorial by: Edith's Creativeness
* * * * *

Scrapkit 'Lea' by Hania's Design
You can purchase this HERE

Tube 'Lea' by StellaFelice7 at PicsForDesign
You can purchase it HERE

Mask of your choice.
I am using MB and SW Mask 21 of Moonbeams & Spiderwebs.

Font of your choice.
I am using the font 'Bickley Script Plain'.

Program used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

* * * * * * * * * *

This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of PSP.
This tutorial is written by me, Edith, and any similarities is strictly coincidental.

* * * * * * * * * *

Let's begin!

Open a 700x700 new image canvas → transparent background.

Open element 98 and re-size to 382x382.
Go to adjust → sharpness → sharpen.
Copy and paste the element as a new layer onto canvas.
Position as you want.
Using your magic wand, click inside one of the open spaces of element 94.
Go to selections → modify → expand.
Expand by 7 pixels.
Open your choice of tube.
I am using 'Lea' (green shirt layer) by StellaFelice7.
Re-size your tube to your liking.
I re-sized mine on my larger side to fill more of the empty space of element 98.
Copy and paste your tube into the selected area of the canvas.
Place as you like.
Go to selections → invert → hit delete on your keyboard → selections → select none.
Move that layer below element 94.
Now do the same process to the other empty space.
Get your magic wand tool, and click in both spaces once again. Together this time.
Go to selections → modify → expand → and expand again by 7 pixels.
Open paper 8 and re-size it to 495x495.
Copy and paste it as a new layer onto canvas.
Go to selections → invert → hit delete on your keyboard → selections → select none.
Move this layer to below your tubes layer.
First, you want to merge the two close-ups of your tube together.
Then go to properties → and change the opacity to 75 → click ok.

Re-open your tube.
I'm using my same tube, and the green layer with the headphones.
I re-sized my tube to 575x500 and mirrored.
Copy and paste as a new layer onto canvas.
Position as you like.
Or see my tag as reference.

Now pull out the following elements.
I'll leave it up to you to play around with the size and the placement.
And you can always use my tag as a reference.
Now here's the list of elements:
element 08
element 15
element 27
element 28
element 29
element 36
element 38
element 42
element 44
element 46
element 57
element 58
element 68
element 77
element 78

Open paper 4.
Copy and paste as a new layer to canvas.
Position as you like.
Move that layer to very bottom.
Apply mask of choice.
I am using MB and SW Mask 21 of Moonbeams & Spiderwebs.
Merge group.

Now add a drop shadow to all your elements and tube (except for the paper) to your liking.
Adding a drop shadow will make your tag pop instead of giving it that flat look.
I used these settings: 3, 2, 60, 5.
Merge visible.

Add your copyright information and your license number to your tag.
I use 'Arial' font size 8 to do mine in the color black. I also used the plugin of Eye Candy Gradient Glow with a width of 4 to go around my copyright and license information in the color choice of dce1a4.
Merge visible layers together. Give your creation a name and save as a blank copy.

Now, add a name to your tag in your font of choice.
I used font 'Bickley Script Plain' in size 36. Color choice was a90f12.
Merge down and re-save.